Monday, September 17, 2012

PIN VI thanks

A few hours after Panoplie Italian Night VI, still need to recover, but can't help writing a few lines of thanks..
It has been a magic night, a really hot one, not only for temperature.. a night I definitely won't forget.

Thank you Kustonbeater: you need to be there when Calibro 35 play, and you've been great in warming up the night before the two gigs and after.
And our switch will stay into my mind: nice one!!

Thank you A Classic Education: wonderful people and great musicians, and really tough travellers..
We loved your album, and your live set has a great impact!

Thank you Calibro 35: you know how much Luxembourg loves you, since your birth.. your gigs here are always special!
And last night you knocked out everybody, surprising even those who were already fans, stronger than warmth..

Thank you Francesco Neri: after Panoplie's dissolution, you pushed me to organising one more night (and thanks Pablo Chimienti for the introduction).
It wouldn't have been possible without your support, and it will stay as our most successful night ever.

Thank you La Locanda - Hôtel Pax and Bondani: Panoplie Italian Nights wouldn't have been the same without your delicious buffet.
Dario, Saverio, Ottavio, Mino, you offered us one of the keys to these 6 years of success.

Thank you d:qliq team: Panoplie wouldn't have been what it has been without this special place and its wonderful staff, Sandra, Sergio, Chico, Vanessa.
Manu, for his help and his love for Calibro, Ed, perfect technical support, we didn't miss Fred for that.. but we missed him anyway!

Thank you Panoplie team: years passing by, less and less easy to follow this..
But the core of Panoplie was there, and worked it out perfectly!

And, most important, need to thank the public: not only a record in numbers, but also a really nice and hot crowd..
Your passion has even been stronger than.. the need of air!!

Think (and hope) I didn't forget anybody.. did I?

Don't know how many people asked me already not to stop here..
Never say never, but.. this time, I really think we have written the final chapter of this story.
Won't start repeating all the reasons, you probably know the whole story.. moreover, isn't it better to turn the page on the biggest success?

Anyway, you can be sure of one thing: even after Panoplie, good Italian music won't stop finding its way to Luxembourg!
Sentieri Sonori goes on with its weekly 90 minutes, and a few ideas are already buzzing.. but it's not the time to talk about that.

Thank you all for this night, and also thanks to all the people involved in all the other nights: more than 50, in 7 years of Panoplie.
Robert Weis started this crazy project which has meant so much to me over these years..
Met hundreds of people, artists, technicians, managers.. beyond music, an incredible human experience, and so many real friendships born.
It has needed time, energies.. but emotions are priceless.

Thank you all, again.
Viva Panoplie!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

24 hours to PIN VI !!

Ready? I can't wait!!

Sorry, I would have loved to post more, about this event, which means a lot to me..
Unfortunately, time flies, especially when you are this busy..

Anyway, everything should be ready, and the bands should be on their way to Luxembourg in a few hours..
Arranging the last details, then trying to rest a bit before getting ready for this (hopefully) big night!!

Let me just remind you why you really shouldn't miss this..

First good reason: A CLASSIC EDUCATION

Second good reason: CALIBRO 35

If you add two DJ-sets (pre-show by the great Kustonbeater, after-show by Moostash) and a free buffet of Italian food..
How could you miss this??


Sunday, August 26, 2012



Calibro 35 & A Classic Education
September 14th @ d:qliq

Panoplie asbl called it quits last year, but lots of people were asking for more Italian indie live in Luxembourg.. and, what's more, one of them was Francesco Neri (Direttore of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura) who granted us his support, which we thank IIC for.

As a result, Panoplie Italian Nights are back: just one night, at least this year, but two great bands!!

Headliners of the night, the great Calibro 35!!
They are a band with a strong link to Luxembourg: their first show ever was a Panoplie event at d:qliq, and since then they have come back a few times, always with a huge success of public.
Calibro 35 is a project created in 2008 to reinterpret the music of Italian soundtracks, trying to make them personal but at the same time staying faithful and respectful to the art of the Maestri.
Over the last four years after, through 4 releases (3 albums and a collection) including more original tracks, a few soundtracks (even a song for Hollywood blockbuster R.E.D.) and an incredible number of gigs (in Italy, Europe and U.S.A.) they have grown bigger and bigger.. and now they’re back!!

To open the night, A Classic Education, new Italian band of 2011 for Sentieri Sonori (Radio ARA).
Based in Bologna, they formed in 2007 and, after two EPs and one single, they released in October 2011 their debut album (Call It Blazing) with California label Lefse.
Their music is a mix of dreamy guitars, sixties melodies, psych-pop, garage and classic songwriting.
In 2009 and 2010, the band played at SXSW in Austin, Texas and at the CMJ festival in New York, and were picked by Spin Magazine and Pitchfork as one of the top bands to watch.
They participated in the 2011 Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, playing on Saturday 28th May. Last year, they completed their first tour of North America supporting English band British Sea Power: a second followed this year, for nearly two months, with big success.

As usual, Panoplie Italian Nights include a free buffet of Italian food, and this year not just one but two DJ-sets: Kustonbeater to open the night, Moostash to close it.

More info, videos, links, etc.. to follow soon here!!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All fairytales come to an end..

Hello PanoPeople!!
Summer is passing by so quickly, another season is starting soon.. it’s time for an official announcement.
After more than 5 years and 50 nights, Panoplie has decided to call it quits: Panoplie Italian Nights V will remain/stay as the closing event of this adventure.
This post to explain you the decision in the most transparent way, as usual.
Believe me, it has not been an easy decision, but there was no way to go on.
First of all because, as you know, this is not a job, but a pure passion: this means, amongst others, that resources are limited, not only in terms of money, but also of time, energy..
But the most important reason is another: when Panoplie has been created, Luxembourg had just a couple of concert venues, and not so many gigs around: people was demanding live music a lot. 
Nowadays, the offer of live music has exploded, in the Grand-Duchy: lots of venues, tons of concerts.. quite often even too many!
I’m obviously happy of this development, but it’s clear that it doesn’t leave much space to a no-profit association and its small events.
Time to say goodbye, then, and time to say thank you.
First of all, thank you Robert and Muriel, for creating Panoplie, and thank you “Panoplie Team”, all the other friends who helped out through the years..
Second, big thanks to all the artists, for their art, their hard work, their long journeys..
And also thanks to their teams of booking, tour managers, sound techs..
More big thanks to the venues which hosted our events, and their staff: Fred, Manu, Serginho, Marc..
Last but not least, thank you, PanoPeople: special events need a special public..
Take care & keep cool

Saturday, June 18, 2011

PIN V thanks

Hello PanoPeople!!

Going good?
I'm dead tired, but oh so happy.. it has been a great weekend!!

List of thanks is long..

First, the artists: Julie's Haircut, Afterhours, Athebustop, Denise & Perturbazione, great musicians and wonderful people!!

Second, Exit07 & d:qliq staff: Marc, Sandra, Manu, Fred, Sergio.. need a nice staff to have nice time!!

Also, the the bands' staffRoberta AccettulliDaniele Paletta, Skazzo (happy bday to us!!), Ago, Rorro..

Last, but not least, those who helped me out doing it again.. for the last time?
Maghy, Nadia & Marco, Enzo, Claudio, Ottavio, Saverio, Mino & all at Locanda - Hotel Pax, Dario Bondani..

Skarfo, Ryan Lovelock, Nancy, thanks for giving this all such a nice image & souvenirs..

Now, the question is.. did I forget anybody? 8/

Of course, the nice public!!
Sure, it'd have been nice to be able to say crowd instead of public..

Now, you are probably waiting for me to tell you more about Panoplie's future..
Well, give me the time to put ideas and words together.. and I'll tell you in a new post in the coming days.

By the way, there's another good reason to come back to this blog soon: we have a few videos from the two nights!!


Friday, June 10, 2011



Hello PanoPeople!!

The big moment has finally come: this weekend, Panoplie Italian Nights V !!

Are you ready to taste some of the best Italian music, as well as some good Italian food? 
We can't wait!!

Did you get your tickets?
If not, here's your last chance for pre-sales, otherwise try the caisse du soir.

Here the schedule of the two nights (both opened by a free buffet of Italian food):

Friday @ Exit07
doors open: 21.00
Julie's Haircut: 21.30
Afterhours: 22.30

Saturday @ d:qliq
doors open: 19.00
Athebustop : 20.30
Denise: 21.30
Perturbazione: 22.30
DJ Moostash: 24.00.. until 3am!!

Come enjoy these two great nights of Italian music!!
CYA @ PIN V !!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PIN V: video-teaser 33.. LAST ONE!!


To celebrate, one of the most powerful songs, especially live, from Afterhours songbook: Bye Bye Bombay!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PIN V: video-teaser 33 (-2days)

48 hours to PIN V !!

One month ago, Roma, Circolo degli Artisti, Perturbazione playing an endless concert, including this great Arrivederci Addio.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PIN V: video-teaser 32 (-3days)

Watch out this great studio improvisation by Julie's Haircut, Epiphanies.. and imagine them on Exit07 stage!!